My name is Dennis Henry and I am an IT Professional currently working as the Vice President of Operations for HostDime.com, Inc.; a web hosting company based in Orlando, FL. My position entails running the day to day operations for HostDime and its subsidiaries as well as ensuring all level of service provided is of the highest possible quality. My career as an IT Professional started in 2007 while working towards my bachelors degree in Information Technology when I started working as a Techranger for the University of Central Florida (UCF) programming courses for web classes at UCF and offering support to students in those courses. In May of 2008 after holding another position at UCF, I interviewed at HostDime and was hired as an entry level employee, Server Analyst I. With my strong work ethic, I quickly moved up the ranks of HostDime holding five positions in the company as I went from an entry level employee to the Vice President of Operations in about 2 ½ years.

In my eyes, my main responsibility is to advocate for all of my staff and ensure that their employment is a learning experience that they can grow and develop through to become a career path for them. I hope to one day teach at the local University (University of Central Florida) as an adjunct professor to teach more practical System Administration courses, with a large focus on Linux in the workplace.

As hobbies, I enjoy programming on Open Source projects and advancing my technology knowledge and keeping up with this ever progressing field. This website is run off my personal server that I colocate in HostDime.com’s datacenter (DimeNOC). I also maintain two other collocated servers; an OpenVZ server that I use to provide learning Virtual Servers for my employees, and a KVM server that I have been using for personal virtualization learning. I enjoy my motorcycle and maintaining it, while learning about the mechanical eccentricities of the machine. When not programming or working with my bike, I can be found spending time with my wife Nicole of almost 11 years and playing with Copper, my 9-year-old Pembrooke Welsh Corgi.

In the future, I hope to use this blog as an outlet for my creativity, posting about my passions, technology and motorcycling. I hope you enjoy the content here and I wish you all luck in your endeavors. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the Internet.