Common Issues – No Networking on new OpenVZ VPS

Hello all,

Today I ran into an interesting issue where a VPS had no networking either inbound or outbound after setup. This is the error that would present when restarting network via init.d:

Bringing up interface venet0:
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

This issue also presented in that cPanel licenses could not activate not could any ping or host commands work properly. I eventually narrowed down the issue to the fact that the IPs that had been added to the VPS were not properly set to ARP by checking with the following command (run on the node):

arp | grep [INSERT IP HERE]

In order to resolve this, all I needed to do was add the arp entries for the IPs on the actual virtual environment by running the following commands on the node:

arp -s [INSERT IP HERE] `ifconfig eth0 | grep eth0 | awk '{print $5}'` pub

Make sure you run the command above for every IP on the VPS. This resolved the issue and all networking started working again properly.